Check back here after auditions for call & casting information.

The director’s reserve the right to adjust the audition, rehearsal, or show schedule which may include adding, extending and/or canceling rehearsals and performances when they deem appropriate or necessary.

Cirque Company Members 2014-15

Ablan, Madison
Adams, Lyda
Bailey, Savannah
Britt, Siobhan
Bryant, Taylor
Burnham, Carlie
Candelmo, Gianna
Daniel, Madison
Dawes, Preston
Dobbs, Cole
Dodson, Kevin
Draughon, Christina
Esposito, Carly
Esposito, Domenick
Esposito, Maddie
Foskey, Dallin
Fromayan, Holden
Garrett, Haley
Garrett, Madison
Gleeson, Emma
Gleeson, Olivia
Hass, Timmy
Hass, Tyler
Hardie, Katelyn
Hearn, Kevin
Heit, Jeremy
Hennessey, Roarke
Hollis, Ally
Hollis, Tori
Horton, Crawford
Isaac, Sarah
Johnson, Jacob
King, Macy
Koch, Carly
Laird, Lacy
Lee, Sydney
Longstreth, Lauren
Lyndgaard, Sibley
Martin, Josh
McClure, Kaylin
McMurtrie, Hayden
Messier, Maddie
Mitchum, Jake
Mitchell, Paris
Mitelman, Laurel
Myers, Christina
Orzechowski, Olivia
Perry, Sarah
Piazza, Gina
Schall, Emma
Shamblen, Barbara
Shepherd, Grace
Silva, Ria
Smith, Owen
Turturro, Nick
Vanderlugt, Josh
Walker, Storm
Wexler, Hamilton
Woods, Quin
Yapp, Kirste


Thanks to all who auditioned.

There will be a fall audition early in the school year to fill some additional slots.

Advanced Drama 2014-2015

Adams, Lyda
Arasi, Allie
Berg, Duncan
Flores, Elena
French, Courtney
Gibson, Katie
Grant, Khamary
Grifis, McKensie
Hepburn, Ben
Horton, Crawford
Jeltuhin, Rebecca
Johnson, Jacob
Kenner, Lauren
Kerzie, Hayden
Kurtz, McKenzie
Lee, Sydney
Marshall, Jake
Matchen, Elena
Michel, Ethan
Morgan, Diana
Owens, Mary Caroline
Parker, Blake
Regan, Kelly
Sheridan, Abbey
Sidwell, Laura
Smith, Maddie
Smith, Monroe
Smith, Owen
Turturro, Nick
Underwood, Paige
Underwood, Sara
Wagar, Declan
Walker, Storm
Whaley, Ellery