Advanced Drama is a performance/participation class in which each student will participate in theatre both as a performer and technician. In the class, students will rehearse and tech a show. If, as opposed to inactively involved in the cast of a show, the student will be working on a technical element of some kind. Some students in the class will serve as stage managers or full-time technicians and will be required to fulfill the duties of their assignments

Auditions for the Advanced Drama classes will be held in the spring. Students will be asked to prepare a monologue for the audition.

Download the Drama & Tech Lettering Guide HERE.

For additional information, please contact Larry Smith –

Students will work as a cohesive team to develop, produce and present a Cirque performance.  As a production class, each student will contribute to the creation of storyline, act development, character development, specific and general tasks attributed to production as well as take on various leadership roles and technical duties. In addition, students are expected to participate fully in extensive physical conditioning, training on aerial and ground apparatus, acting, clowning, miming, juggling, dance, creative movement, along with other aspects associated with circus arts. Performance in the Cirque production is expected.

Cirque Planning Team (2018-2019):  Faith Wagner, Lydia Kurtz, Blake Kerzie, Lucas Rary, Adrianna Daniel, Jimmy Dodson, Abby Hepburn, Nick Sforza, Jack Sizemore, Ally Huels, Jenna Brown, Julie VanderLugt, Olivia Owens, Payten Williams, Cole Hogan, Autumn Bristow

Auditions will be held in the spring. At the auditions. Students different Cirque techniques and will be evaluated based on the audition. No prior experience is necessary.

Dowload the Milton Cirque Company Lettering Guide HERE.

For additional information, contact: Larry Smith –

The Musical is produced in the spring and auditions are open to the entire student body of Milton High School.  Once cast, the students will rehearse the show after school. There will be several performances in March.

Auditions for the MUSICAL are held in November.  Students will be asked to read scenes, sing and possibly do choreography for the audition.  

Additional information:  David Hopkins

This is a hand’s on course where students learn about all of the technical aspects of the theatre. Set construction, publicity, lighting, sound, costumes and much more will be covered. The Student will work actively on current productions, building set, painting scenery, hanging and focusing lights, designing sound effects and building publicity campaigns. After-School construction time may be required.

Download the Drama & Tech Lettering Guide HERE.

Contact Sim Jones with questions.

Milton Theatre Improv Program

The Milton Improv Troup is a student run group which performs several times per year in the Black Box Theatre. Improv is a very popular event at MHS as the shows are always sold out. This group of talented students uses skills acquired in theatre such as acting, singing, creating comical unscripted scenes using props, lines and suggestions from the audience. The Improv Troupe holds auditions twice per year, once in the fall and once in the spring. Watch for upcoming dates for shows soon.

Improv is a student run organization. For further information, contact the IMPROV troupe leader, Harrison Lewis.