Advanced Drama Auditions – Wednesday, March 29

Prepare a 2 minute monologue from a published play or musical. Do not use scripting from a movie or television program.

If you consider yourself a singer, then please prepare a song selection from a musical. Bring a backup track without vocals. It’s best if the track is on your phone.

Sign up for an audition slot that will be posted outside of the Blackbox on Thursday, March 9th (one week from today). If not yet a student at Milton High School, then email to ask for a slot and we will sign you up. A time will be sent to you to confirm your slot.

At the Audition

Arrive at the audition 15 minutes prior to your assigned time slot. Sign in at table.

Dress to impress. Look professional.

Each person will audition alone with Mr. Hopkins and Mr. Smith observing.

Once you enter, provide your headshot/resume if you have one. This is not mandatory! This is when you would also present your music track if you are singing.

Go onstage and get ready to begin. Wait for the okay to go. Adjust chair as needed.


Present monologue. Present song if there is one.

Possible re-direct. Okayed to leave.

Remember to get your music.

After the Audition

Classes will be posted on Friday, March 31st. These will be available online at WWW.MILTONTHEATRECOMPANY.COM. Each student will be placed in the appropriate class – Fundamentals, Acting I, or Advanced Drama – where they will best benefit from instruction.

Parents of students assigned to Advanced Drama will attend a mandatory Parents’ Meeting before the end of this semester. At this meeting details of commitment for both student and parents will be covered.


Larry Smith

David Hopkins