Cirque Performance Audition – Thursday, March 30th

Work on core strength and flexibility.

Arriving at the Audition
Arrive early. Registration will be in the auditorium beginning at 3:40-45. No need to register or express
an interest prior to the audition date. Fill out audition form and sit in the center section. Rising 9ht
grade students will register once they are released from their school and arrive at Milton.

Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. Comfortable does not necessarily mean
loose-fitting. Bring athletic shoes for some of the apparatus. Bring a water bottle. Long hair should be
put up with a hair tie.

At the Audition
A brief meeting with everyone. Everyone will do a warm-up and stretch prior to being broken into
smaller groups.

Small groups will rotate through several stations including aerial apparatus, ground acts, tumbling,
flexibility, and choreography.

Participate. We are looking for students with a willing spirit and ability to listen and do what is asked.
Ten years of gymnastics and sour attitude will not be a winning combination. No former experience on
apparatus is required. Do your best, even if you feel awkward or out of place at some of the stations.
We will fold in the rising 9th graders as they arrive. (Brief meeting, stretch out first)
Plan to be at the audition the entire time so that you can experience all of the acts and apparatus.
Scoring will be based on a complete set.

After the Audition
Classes will be posted on Friday, March 31st. These will be available online at
WWW.MILTONTHEATRECOMPANY.COM . Each student will be placed in the appropriate class – Cirque
Fundamentals or Cirque Performance – where they will best benefit from instruction.
Parents of students assigned to Cirque Performance will attend a mandatory Parents’ Meeting before
the end of this semester. At this meeting details of commitment for both student and parents will be


Larry Smith David Hopkins or