Thank you for your audition today. Tomorrow we would like to see the following people for a CIRQUE CALLBACK at 4:30 in the theatre.  Our apologies if we misspelled your name, some of your audition sheets were difficult to read!

Thank you.

      1. Maria Levy
      2. Reagan Williams
      3. Rohan Dhume
      4. Lauren Bruntto
      5. Adam Klein
      6. Sara Grace Hutchinson
      7. Maddie Pearce
      8. Veronica Sand
      9. Annlyn Hamilton
      10. Maclyn Lillard
      11. Macy Mannheimer
      12. Grace Balmer
      13. Alexis Vilardi
      14. Nastasia Rozenberg
      15. Grace Haupert
      16. Libby Lausier
      17. Jack Rupley
      18. Justin Henning
      19. Riayn Townesend
      20. Sam Estes
      21. Doc Hopkins
      22. Sophia Chalhoub
      23. Ella Bryan
      24. Maisy McAllister
      25. Dred Ward
      26. Parke Laiver /Calver


Cirque Performance Auditions (All-Call) – Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Cirque Performance Call-Back Auditions – Thursday, March 29, 2018 (Students should be available for a call back.)

Pre Audition

All Cirque Performance Company Members and their parents are legal guardian are required to sign a Performance Contract. Cirque is now a lettering sport and as such, company members are a 24 hour representation of Milton High School. Therefore, participants must also sign a behavior contract and a social media contract as well.

Please download and THROUGHLY read the contract and understand that you will be held to these behavior and participation standards. You will be asked if you have read this contract.  

If you are admitted/cast in the Performance Company, be aware that you and your parents will need to agree to the terms and sign them.

-Performance Contract