Einstein’s Dreams

Based on Alan Lightman’s best-selling novel, Einstein’s Dreams is set in Switzerland in 1905, and portrays Einstein, a modest patent clerk in a new marriage, struggling to make ends meet while in the back of his mind re-conceiving time.

Einstein’s Dreams reveals Einstein’s imagination as he completes his Theory of Relativity, envisioning many possible dimensions of time, posing tangled, absurd and poetic worlds that illustrate the tragedy and beauty of the human condition.

Directed by: David Hopkins

Technical Direction by: Sim Jones


Autum Bristow

Rohan Dhume

Regan Williams

Blake Kerzie

Bailey Byrdsong

Felipe Cristancho

Ella O’Brien

Jackson Dunlap

Emma Stratman

Caitlyn Casey

Grace Haupert

Madeline Parker

Melody Morris

Ali Wiley

Payten Williams


Stage Manager: Maddie Painter

Lighting: Amanda Sandiford

Sound: Grant Norcom

Stage Crew: Casper Jones

Stage Crew: Branon McCrossan

Stage Crew: Jaime Regan

Stage Crew: Sofia Roscoe

Stage Crew: Kate Stein