Ad Sales Program: Sell ads and offset your Program and Production Fees

Students have the opportunity to sell ads for our playbills. For every ad sold the student will earn a $25 credit applied to their program fee, travel expenses or production fee.  This is a great project to work on over the summer. By selling six ads you can completely waive your $150 program fee which is due the first week of school!  Ads will run in the playbills for each of our four major productions. The ad will be printed in approximately 8,500 playbills this year.

IMPORTANT: Students must complete a three step process to get credit for the sale:

1. Sell the ad (to other businesses not already represented in the playbill)

2. Ensure payment is made either by collecting and turning it in, or following up with the purchaser to confirm payment was sent

3. Ensure ad is turned in three weeks prior to first show (or playbill of upcoming show) with proper formatting, size resolution etc.