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2018-2019 MASK Project Leads and Teams

Kay Hutchinson

Ticketing Shelley Hogan (Diana Rossman assisting at table)
Concessions Byrdsongs & Lausiers
Front of House Janine Simpson & Lisa Sellers
Fan Table Megan Stratman & Jen Peznola
Website Management David & Mary Azua
Prop Mistress (Drama) Veronica O’Brien
Prop Mistresses (Cirque) Michele Haupert & Lani Henning
Tech Week Meals Tess Stuttard & Kristin Dunlap
Photographer & Videographer Kay Hutchinson
Cirque Assistants to Coordinator Leisa Kurtz & Tana Wagner
DVD’s/CD’s Alexis Visger
Signup Genius Kay Hutchinson
Fundamentals Showcase Lead MASK Board
Grantwriting Lead Kay Hutchinson
SmugMug/Photo sharing Kay Hutchinson & Leisa Kurtz
MHS Yearbook Liaison Leisa Kurtz
Cirque Paint Lead Tracy Dodson & Laura Larson
Cirque Set Build Lead Bryan Schreiber & Jeff Garrett
Drama Build Lead

Amy Williams

Special Events Amy Williams
GHSA Regions MASK Board
Cast Parties Coordinator Jennifer Lewis
Costume Mistress (Drama) Amy Williams
Costume Mistress (Cirque) Lori Garrett
Improv Lead Jennifer Lewis
Senior Directed Lead MASK Board
DROM Coordinator Cindy Shepler, Mary Azua & Alicia Wiley
Costume Closet Amy Williams & Cindy Shepler
Cirque Guest Artist Coordinator Amy Williams

Leah Bristow

Travel Coordinator Leah Bristow
Trip Badge Coordinator Veena Venkataraman
Trip Meal Coordinator Cindy Shepler
New Parent Liaison Diana Rossman
Thespian Liaison Leah Bristow
Community Outreach Leah Bristow
Care Chair Leah Bristow
Lettering Chair Leah Bristow

Stephanie Owens

Media Relations/Social Media Jennifer Lewis
Playbill Chair Heather Schreiber
Playbill Proofers Leah Bristow & Stephanie Owens
Playbill Bios Jacque Sandiford
Playbill Ad Manager Stephanie Owens
Graphic Art Angela Daniel & Gina Rupley
Headshots Cassondra Hepburn & Mary Ann Pegg
Sign Distribution Shack Lewis
Poster Distribution Joe Stratman, Lynda Milne, Meredith Reddy & Kelly Brown
Cast T-Shirts Angela Daniel
In House Photo/Video Team Todd & Gina Kerzie & Michele Haupert
Group Sales/Scouts Leisa Kurtz & Tana Wagner
Group Sales/Other
Patron/Alumni Outreach Stephanie Owens
Enrichment/Fieldtrips Stephanie Owens
Spiritwear Laura Calvert
Shulers/Other Awards Stephanie Owens
Marketing Runner Michelle O’Brien

Jennifer Lewis & Kelly Bendall

Raffle Jennifer Lewis & Kelly Bendall
Business Partners Jennifer Lewis & Kelly Bendall
Comedy Night Kelly Bendall
Passive Fundraisers (Amazon Smiles, etc) Jennifer Lewis & Kelly Bendall