Spring Musical


Lt. Frank Cioffi :  Harrison Lewis

Niki Harris :  Addison Bendall

Georgia Hendricks :  Katherine Shepler

Carmen Bernstein :  Grace McMillan

Sidney Bernstein :  Jake Roscoe

Aaron Fox :  Louis Sellers

Christopher Belling :  Eli Hutchinson

Bambi Bernet :  Autumn Bristow

Joannie Harmon :  Sydney Simpson

Oscar Shapiro :  Nate Ware

Daryl Grady :  Michael Reddy

Bobby Pepper :  Payten Williams

Randy Dexter :  Blake Kerzie

Harv Fremont :  Collier Rogers

Jessica Cranshaw :  Julie Vanderlugt

Detective O’Farrell :  Pierce Rossman

Dance Captain :  Olivia Owens


Tara Venkataraman

Sammy Azua

Grace Haupert

Rosslyn Milne

Avery Bendall

Melanie Zivic

Amelia  Anbild

Sarah Grace Hutchinson

RAchel Germany

Emma Stratman

Morgan Lanzo

Montana Coleman

Madeline Parker

Owen Shertz

Felipe Cristancho

Axel Zivic

Doc Hopkins

Jackson Dunlap

Blake Ferrante


Piccolo :  Annie Bukowski

Flute :  Nicole Nelson

Oboe / English Horn :  Kristen Van

Clarinet :  Rithwik Koppaka

Clarinet :  Grace Taheri

Bass Clarinet :  Joseph Pabian

Soprano Saxophone / Alto Sax :  Max Guo

Alto Sax :  Izzy Brown

Tenor Sax :  Ethan Shen

Bari Sax :  Owen Jones

Bassoon :  Ethan Johnson

Trumpet 1 :  Anna Paulus

Trumpet 2 :  Chris Fitzpatrick

Horn 1 :  Jake Hinds

Horn 2 :  Ryland Dines

Trombone 1 :  Jackson Wyspcki

Trombone 2 :  Emma Downing

Tuba :  Kyla Hampson

Keyboard :  Jackson Wilds

Bass Guitar :  Nathan Smith

Guitar :  Joseph DeCredico

Drumset :  Zach Smith

Percussion :  Emil Jayagoda

Character Descriptions

LT FRANK CIOFFI: Local Boston detective who is also a musical theatre aficionado. Aside from being exceptionally good at his job, he has also aspired to be a musical theatre performer his entire life. He falls in love with Niki.

NIKI HARRIS: Pretty, naive ingenue. Niki is a chorus girl/understudy in the chorus of the show-within-the-show during its Boston tryout. She aspires to make it as a performer on Broadway. She meets and falls in love with Dt. Frank Cioffi who is investigating a murder at the theatre.

GEORGIA HENDRICKS: Female half of our songwriting team. Ends up taking on the leading lady role.

CARMEN BERNSTEIN: Brassy Broadway producer.

SIDNEY BERNSTEIN: The producer of an out of town flop. Sidney is tough and self-serving.

AARON FOX: The composer of the show-within-the-show. His songwriting partner, Georgia, is also his wife from whom he’s separated. He’s a charming ladies man.

CHRISTOPHER BELLING: English director. Very camp. Very funny.

BAMBI BERNE: Performer in the chorus and daughter of Carmen, the lead producer. Hungry to work her way up to leading performer many think she was only hired because of her mother.

JOANNIE HARMON: The Stage Manager of the show-within-the-show. She keeps the company in line and on their toes throughout the rehearsal process.

OSCAR SHAPIRO: The general manager. An agreeable if slightly gruff man. He is always looking for any angle to find money.

DARYL GRADY: A Theatre critic for the local Boston newspaper, he enjoys using the power he has to make or break shows during their out of town tryouts.

BOBBY PEPPER: The choreographer and leading man – a Gene Kelly type who is the one shining star in an otherwise dire show, a ladies man.

RANDY DEXTER: Singer/Dancer who is playing the role of Parson Tuck in “Robbin’ Hood”.

JESSICA CRANSHAW: Fading Hollywood star. A diva, who has no right to be one, she is a terrible singer and actress who stars in the show within a show and gets murdered on its opening night.